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Rosslyn Staff at San Marcos Pediatric Dentistry


Our pediatric dental assistant. She specializes in comforting and calming the little ones. She’s got a way with the kids that works well, very well! Come by and give her a high five. She’s a little taller than in this picture so you’ll have to jump.

Claudia Staff at San Marcos Pediatric Dentistry


Our Office Managing Sensation is from Los Angeles, CA, but she came to Texas as soon as she could. She loves cooking and family time. She was the original owner of our Therapy Dog Lola. Her favorite type of food to cook is Mexican and favorite food to eat is Sushi. It's been a long wait for us to have Claudia join us. We love that she's finally here.

Lola Staff at San Marcos Pediatric Dentistry


Lola, our "One-Eyed Wonder" is a Great Dane/Lab Therapy Dog who loves interacting with our patients. Words can't describe how she affects people. She has been helping children with Autism at San Antonio Therapy Services. She will surely make you and your kids smile.